Home Remedies for Yeast Infections?

Home Remedies for Yeast Infections?

What are some homeremedies for yeast infections? If you are asking this question, chances are you are suffering from the nasty, painful embarrassing symptoms associated with an infection of the candida yeast fungus. You could have excess yeast anywhere - it could be in the mouth (thrush), breast, diaper area (for an infant), skin folds, vagina or penis. None of them are pleasant. Some of them even cause a foul odor (vaginal and penile). This article will discuss some effective home remedies that can help you to treat a yeast infection.

Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar as home remedies for yeast infections The use of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar are effective as topical treatments for all types of infections (except thrush).

 You can use either as an additive to a warm bath (add 1 cup to a 6-8 inch tub of warm water) or put some diluted into a squeeze bottle and squirt it around the male and female genitals. For a vaginal yeast infection, you can also place some on the tip of a tampon and insert into the vaginal opening for some relief. Both of these solutions help to bring back healthy ph balance of yeast in the affected areas. Make sure when you use tea tree oil that you never apply it directly to a sore or blister without first diluting it. Tea tree oil in its purest concentration is too harsh to use without diluting in another solution (such as water). When using vinegar, make sure that it is apple cider vinegar and not white vinegar due to the high concentration of sugar in white vinegar.

Diet and food choices as home remedies for yeast infections giving up sugar is a great way to get rid of yeast in your body. In order for yeast to live, it needs sugar to breed from. When sugar is not available, yeast levels will go down. Remember that carbohydrates are converted to sugar when consumed - so giving up (or significantly reducing) carbs is an effective yeast remedy. Also - some alcohol (beer in particular) contains much sugar (and yeast) and should also be avoided. Yogurt is also quite effective in its natural form. Eating yogurt will help to reduce candida levels in the body. Yogurt is also a great soothing topical treatment for penile, vaginal and skin candida outbreaks. Using herbs such as garlic, cinnamon, barberry and olive leaf oil are also effective at reducing yeast levels.


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